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Mark Thurman oversees the design, manufacturing and production of refrigerated spot display cases and tortilla warmer merchandisers, Chris Elliot manages all aspects of sales and marketing. Mark and Chris share a combined 28 years of experience in the refrigeration industry.  Their knowledge and expertise has enabled them to create a product with less than a one percent failure rate. That’s experience you can count on!



Thermell Manufacturing was founded in 2010 by Mark Thurman and Chris Elliott. The two shared a common vision to build a company that would provide innovative merchandising solutions to the supermarket industry. Merchandising solutions that involve refrigerated and frozen food spot display cases that would drive incremental sales volume on Refrigerated and Frozen food brands. Within four years, sales volume has quadrupled and the company moved to a larger facility to accommodate this growth. Thermell also expanded its product offering to include Tortilla Warmer cases to merchandise hot fresh tortillas and a Refrigerated Beverage Merchandiser to promote bottled water, energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

In 2014, Thermell Manufacturing entered into a joint venture with The Marco Company, which is also a Fort Worth based family-owned company. This partnership has dramatically increased resources for both entities – Thermell has the resources to bring new products to the supermarket industry and Marco has expanded its product mix to include Refrigerated Display Cases.


Thermell combines high quality products and great customer service. We value their partnership!

Lisa Shattuck, VP Operations



Our company purchases coolers from Thermell every year and find they respond fast, provide accurate service, and reasonable prices.  The quality of their product line recorded no maintenance issues for the past five years, and they accurately customize each unit to our specs.  We highly recommend Thermell Manufacturing for anyone seeking small refrigerated or frozen coolers for portable use.

Jerry Fox, Director of Sales

John Morrell Food Group


In 2012 I had the opportunity to place Thermell’s Refrigerated Merchandisers in a major chain of grocery stores in Wisconsin. The results were incredible, by taking advantage of the dual temperature controls, I was able to merchandise multiple items both refrigerated and frozen year round. This resulted in better distribution, increased visibility and most importantly over a 300% increase in total dollar sales.

Matthew E Carrico
Reser’s Fine Food